Private Yoga Sessions

Yin Yoga

~ The ultimate deep stretch yoga, yin poses may be targeted to a specific area of the body, such as hips or lower back. While props (such as a bolster) may be used, the practice relies heavily on body weight to provide both compression and stretch. As a more gradual approach to yoga practice, poses are primarily done while lying on the mat and may be held for up to four minutes. Yin yoga is appropriate for all levels of experience. Pose modifications mean yin yoga may be customized for all body types.

Restorative Yoga

~ The name of this practice says it all. Restorative yoga has been used to help promote healing for a number of ailments, including physical injury, traumatic experience, sciatic pain, stress, and even weight loss. Held for up to 10 minutes, poses are meant to provide comfort and support to the body, so you can expect that props like bolsters, blankets, and straps will be used during a session. Restorative yoga is ideal for all body types and all levels of experience.

Yoga Nidra

~ In essence, yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation. It is most ideal for yoga nidra to occur immediately following a physical practice, such as restorative or yin yoga. By drawing one’s attention inward, yoga nidra is a practice to help quiet the mind. While everyone can benefit from yoga nidra, those with anxiety or past trauma may find the practice especially healing. Yoga nidra is idea for all body types and all levels of experience.

Yoga at Home

*Each yoga session can be done as a single or with a friend and can be booked online here

You can learn more about our Yoga instructor, Tiffany, and other services she offers as a Whole Leader here.