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About Us

Our Philosophy

Kady Jacobs has been a licensed massage therapist in the state of Nebraska since September of 2013. She trained at the Universal College of Healing Arts in Omaha, NE. During her training at UCHA, Kady studied and provided therapeutic massage for 5 months under Dr. Cory Stickney of Elite Chiropratic (Kearney, NE). Kady also has an Associates of Science degree and later hopes to finish her Bachelor's degree in Biology/Family Studies.



For nearly seven years, Kady Jacobs has been proudly bringing professional spa services, treatments and products to her Midwestern community. As a  female business owner, she hopes to offer the best natural collective of health services in the Central Nebraska area, while taking an organic approach at bringing her clients a high-end spa experience.

Located in Kearney, NE, her spa has become a mecca for locals, as well as, rural and small town clients. Holistic Healing is the region’s premier natural healing destination. Because of Kady’s organic approach to the wellness market, Holistic Healing, sets itself apart from other spas in the area. Her earthly approach is exclusive to the local market and the rapidly growing natural healing industry.


Holistic Healing was designed to help others find a peace inside of themselves and offer a new journey into their health, wellness and beauty. We offer individualized treatments for every client encountered. We offer to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate the balances between mind, body and spirit. We will always be mindful and respectful of our clients' personal boundaries and will do our best to ensure the most relaxing and effective experience for all. We only offer the highest quality of organic, wild crafted and natural skincare and beauty line, massage oils, creams and lotions; as well as, offer a variety of sounds such as soothing music, nature sounds or silence to nurture the senses of each one of our clients. We promise to offer peace, dedication, integrity and compassion along with the continuous growth of our knowledge. Lastly, we promise to always consider the health and wellness of our clients first and foremost.


"Here at Holistic Healing, we are all about natural well being, wild crafted products and alternative methods of healing. By pairing a complete lineup of extensively researched, organic, all-natural, fair-trade and ethically sourced products with licensed massage therapists, licensed estheticians/cosmetologists and certified reiki energy healers, this spa truly is the perfect collective of health and wellness." ~Kady, Owner


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