Holistic Healing - A Wellness Colletive - Kearney, NE - 2020

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Organic. Wildcrafted. 100% Natural.

Balancing Facial - Apprx. 60 min. $65

~Ideal for dry to normal skin- A combination of our fresh lemon-balsam cleanser, a crystla exfoliant, balancing gemstone herb oil, and a choice of our honey-goji berry or pearl radiance mask is a great way to bring life and glow into your skin. Finished with a rose-cucumber mist, a ruby sapphire moisturizer, and a golden lip balm to seal in the brilliance of your skin. 

Renourish Facial - Apprx. 60 min. $70

~Ideal for anti-aging purposes (Age 35+)- Beginning with our lemon balsam cleanser and rhassoul crystal exfoliant for a fresh and clean glow. Followed with our balancing gemstone herb oil and choice of a chlorella-algae or honey-goji berry mask to tighten and purify the skin. An ormus mist toner, skin type specific age defying moisturizer, world famous phyto-infusion serum, and golden lip balm finish this renewing and revitalizing experience. 

Detox Facial - 60 min. Apprx. 60 min $70

~ Ideal for oily to combination skin- Using our lavender sage cleanser, rhassoul crystal exfoliant, gemstone herb oil and our pearl radiance mask leaves your skin feeling clean, pure and refreshingly detoxed. Finished with a clarity mist toner, clarity serum moisturizer and our golden lip balm top this treatment for a great Seasonal glow!

Purity Facial - Apprx. 60 min. $70

~Ideal for acne prone skin- This experience starts with our purity cleanser to clear out the pores and begin to restore the skin. It is followed by an intense exfoliant and our balancing gemstone herb oil. Optional extraction of acne is also offered with this facial. The rhassoul-neem mask and clarifying toner mist aid in purifying your skin. Sealed with a revitalize moisturizing serum and golden lip balm for the purest and freshest glow.

Eye Lash Extensions - $150

~Simplify and amplify your look with easy to maintain and lustrous eyelash extensions! Length and style depend entirely on client desires. Say "Goodbye!" to mascara and "Hello!"to long, luscious lashes with little to no effort.