Holistic Healing - A Wellness Colletive - Kearney, NE - 2020

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Body Treatments

Gemstone Infused Massage: 

Our gemstone body oil product concept is based on an understanding that our skin is a high sensory organ and is receptive to the living ingredient energetic values which we believe in a subtle way, can help to restore balance and vitality for our overall well-being.

Amethyst Infused Massage - $65

~Herb-infused Amethyst Body Oil carries a light, calming aroma that helps to lift heavy mental activity and open the mind to higher awareness. The violet vibration of the amethyst crystal relates to the pineal and pituitary glands, brain and nervous system and supports balance in these areas. 

Rose Quarts Infused Massage - $65

~Rose Quartz Body Oil carries an uplifting and joyful floral-citrus aroma in a light moisturizing blend of herb-infused oils. The pink vibration of rose quartz relates to the heart and thyroid gland. Its subtle energy is said to inspire joy, an open heart and love.

Signature Massages:

Tranquility Massage - 60 min. $60             

~Traditional Swedish massage, utilizing long gliding strokes and firm kneading, this treatment will allow your mind and body to slip away into peaceful surroundings.

Revitalizing Massage - 75 min. $75

~Focusing more on high tension areas (i.e. neck/shoulders), this treatment uses Swedish techniques to ensure relaxation along with
techniques that allow your muscle tension to melt away. Your body will feel boundless and energized when treatment is complete.


Therapeutic Massage - 90 min. $90

~Integrating techniques from Swedish massage, Myofascial Release, and Trigger-Point therapies this massage will allow you to harmonize the balances between mind, body and spirit. Focusing on your high tension areas, melting away stress and allowing your mind to fall into deep tranquility; this massage is the complete package.


Mommy-to-Be Massage - 60 min. $65

~Relaxing benefits for both Mom and baby. This customized treatment will relieve muscle aches, joint pain and reduce swelling. This treatment will surely help that Mommy-to-be feel relaxed and revitalized to the point where she’ll be glowing!
NOTE: Massage may not be given during the first trimester OR after 37 weeks.


Organic & Wild-Crafted Sugar Scrubs:

Foot/Back Glow - 30 min. $35

~Let your senses fall into tranquility with the aroma of lavender and green-tea while we polish and moisturize your feet or back. Exfoliating these high-stress areas will allow for your underlying and new skin to breathe, giving your body a healthier and natural glow.

*Add-On this hydrotherapy treatment to one of our signature massage treatments for just $20 more

Organic & Wild-Crafted Body Wraps:

Detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap - Approx. 60 min. $80

~A skin purifying experience for the whole body! Treat yourself to a full body detox beginning with an invigorating series of movements with a dry brush. After skin stimulation, enjoy a shea butter mineral scrub, followed by a detox herbal trim and tone full-body wrap. Complete the experience with a honey-avocado butter moisturizer applied with long revitalizing effleurage techniques. You'll leave feeling pure and revitalized; a great Seasonal add-on!